Combining the Powers of Calm

 If you are familiar with ThunderWorks products, you know most of them address a similar issue: Helping to calm your pet when they are feeling anxious.  And like any issue, different solutions work for different pets.  The ThunderShirt works for many dogs, but it doesn’t work for every dog.  If yours is one of the ones who do not benefit from ThunderShirt's calming benefits, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for your pet to feel calmer!  We have many other calming solutions that they might respond better to.  Some customers rave about the ThunderShirt, but others can’t live without ThunderWunders or ThunderEase.

While all of our products are effective individually for most dogs, we’ve been hearing from customers that the products are even more effective when used together.  We like to use the phrase, “Combining the Powers of Calm”, but essentially all that means is that while all the products work individually, they work even more effectively when used in conjunction with one another.

A Helpful Analogy

In the summertime, you want to make sure to protect your skin so you don’t get sunburnt.  Usually, sun screen alone can do the trick, however if you are at the beach, where you are out in the sun for longer periods of time, you might use sunscreen, an umbrella, and a hat.  All 3 of these solutions are effective for blocking the sun, but your greatest chance of not getting burnt is using all 3 together.   

What does this look like for your pet?  Let’s say your dog gets scared from loud noises or a storm.  This is very common in dogs.  When rain rolls in, your ThunderShirt typically does the trick for your dog!  PAW-SOME!!! However sometimes we get really bad storms, like a hurricane, or an extra loud thunderstorm, and the ThunderShirt alone does not fully calm your dog.  At this time, it would be a great idea to add in additional calming solutions, similar to adding in additional ways to protect your skin from the sun at the beach.


A Winning Combination: 

We first always recommend trying the ThunderShirt calming wrap, because that has helped millions of dogs.  If you’d like to “level up” and combine the powers of calm, we’ve seen great results when using the ThunderEase calming pheromones, and ThunderWunders calming chews in addition to the ThunderShirt. 


Don’t believe us?  Here is what a few customers have said.

“Our 80 lb dog is an absolute wreck during thunder storms and fireworks. The combination of ThunderWunders and ThunderShirt WORKS...she doesn't shake and will lay down rather than pace and pant. Amazing!”- Nancy R
“My little Chiweenie is terrified of the oven and develops the shakes every night around dinnertime when I cook. I plugged my ThunderEase diffuser into the outlet next to her kitchen bed and now, instead of shaking when the oven goes on, she just dozes in her bed. Perfect when combined with her ThunderShirt. Which, incidentally, she asks for by sitting down next to me when I get it out of the closet. Thunderworks is the BEST! Thank you!” – Sarah M.
“These products are very helpful for calming my dog who is afraid of thunderstorms here in Florida.  Between the ThunderShirt and the ThunderEase diffuser she is so much happier.” – Sandra R.

So How Do I use ThunderWorks Products Together?

The ThunderShirt has a convenient patch where you can spray ThunderEase calming spray directly on the shirt.  A ThunderShirt gives your pet a comforting hug, and ThunderEase mimics a mother’s nursing pheromones, helping them to feel safe and secure.  This is just a guess, but we imagine the combo could take your dog back to their puppy days when they were safely curled up tight to their mom!  Mmm, sounds peaceful!

ThunderWunders calming chews are packed with natural calming ingredients, like melatonin and tryptophan, and help your dog to feel calm and relaxed, even during stressful situations.  ThunderWunders are perfect for when you know a stressful situation is coming (like a storm rolling in, or an upcoming car ride if your dog has travel anxiety), and have been known to be even more effective when used with other calming solutions.

Our goal is always to help your pet.  Plain and simple.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We would love to help! You can reach us at 866-892-2078 or


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