Leashes That Will Help Both You and Your Dog Enjoy Your Walks!

Going on a walk with your dog is one of the great joys of having a pup.  However, if , “how to get my dog to stop pulling?” is one of your burning questions, or if your dog gets so excited for your w-a-l-k that it is hard to even get the leash on, a walk can be a frustrating, or even painful experience.  Have no fear, the perfect leash is here! 

Is Your Dog a Puller?

We have several innovations available depending on your needs!  If your dog gets over excited on walks, and tends to pull, you should try out our simple, no-pull leash.  The ThunderLeash converts from a standard leash to a no-pull leash in seconds.  By providing gentle, consistent feedback on your dog’s torso, it encourages them to stop pulling.   This leash has a soft-touch handle for your comfort, and works with any standard collar.  We have both a standard leash with our no-pull solution, along with a retractable version if you are looking for more freedom.  Many customers just rave about the ThunderLeash, and find their walks so much more enjoyable without the constant pulling.  

Does Your Dog Get Over Excited When They Hear the Word, "Walk"?

If your biggest struggle is actually getting the leash connected to your dog, you will absolutely love the ThunderSnap.  With its patented design, the ThunderSnap uses powerful magnets and a ball-bearing latch mechanism to quickly and securely attach to any collar.  The ThunderSnap holds up to 500lbs, however you can release it with just two fingers! 

Are You Looking for the Best Retractable Leash? 

If you love the freedom of a retractable leash, but would like a few added safety features, the Dial-a-Distance is for you! It is the safest retractable dog leash that automatically brakes at the length you set.  Ranging from 0-15 feet, you can set the max length you’d like your dog to be able to travel, and it will automatically brake at that point.  It is very easy to adjust, so if you want to make a change in the middle of a walk, you just change the dial! 

Whatever your walking needs, we have a solution for you!  We believe we have the best no-pull leash dog leash in the market, and the most innovative solutions around.  Join thousands of happy customers, and walk more freely today!