ThunderWorks Product Instruction Sheets

You should have received an instruction sheet within your packaging - we've included the instruction sheets here for your convenience!  If you have any questions on your products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at, or by giving us a call at (866)892-2078.

Instruction Sheets: 



ThunderShirt for Dogs  (Heather Gray and Sport Styles) - view product  

ThunderShirt for Dogs (Polo Styles) - view product

 ThunderEase for Dogs

ThunderEase for Dogs (Diffuser Kit) - view product

ThunderEase for Dogs (Spray) - view product

ThunderEase for Dogs (Collar) - view product


Dial-A-Distance - view product

ThunderLeash - view product

ThunderLeash - Extension - view product

ThunderLeash - Retractable - view product

ThunderLeash - Two Dogs - view product

ThunderSnap - view product


ThunderCollar - view product

Essential Oils 

ThunderCloud - view product 

ThunderEssence - view product

Tag Silencer

ThunderCover - view product




ThunderShirt for Cats - view product

ThunderEase for Cats

ThunderEase for Cats - Diffuser Kit - view product 

ThunderEase for Cats - Calming Spray - view product

ThunderEase for Cats - Multi-Cat Diffuser Kit - view product