How to Help Your Cat During Fireworks and Thunder Storms

For most cats, unexpected loud noises can be a major source of anxiety. This could be from fireworks, thunderstorms, or other loud noises, like the lawn mower or vacuum. Cats have very sensitive hearing, so what is loud to us can be extremely loud and frightening to cats. Here are some tips to help keep your cats safe and calm during fireworks and loud noises.


Make Sure to Keep Cats Inside

  • When fireworks start going off, your cat is likely to bolt, so make sure all doors and windows are closed to keep them from getting outside
  • If you haven't gotten your cat microchipped, now could be the right time, in case they do get out

Create a Safe Space / Den

  • If you know the fireworks are coming, you can create a safe space for your cat
  • Choose a room where your cat already likes to hide, and place your cat there, and create a safe place
  • Bring in some of their favorite items (like a blanket they like to lay on), and put on the TV or radio to hlep drown out the unexpected sounds
  • Make sure they have food, water, and a litter box accessible

Don't Punish Them for Unwanted Behavior During This Time

  • This is already a stressful time for your cat, so be as comforting as possible
  • Speak to them with a calm voice, and stroke them gently

Try a ThunderShirt® Calming Wrap

  • A ThunderShirt®, made specifically for cats, will apply gentle pressure to your cat's chest, helping them to feel safe and secure
  • Similar to swaddling an infant, the ThunderShirt is like a comforting hug during stressful times
  • Take advantage of our moneyback guarantee - give it a try today!
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Success Stories

"My kitty survived the 4th of July fireworks very well with this comforting vest on for the entire night. He was hiding in my walk-in closet, purring and eating his dinner, while I petted him. This was the most relaxing 4th of July he has ever experienced!! Highly recommend this for other nervous and anxious kitties."


"This actually works! We were very skeptical, but it has worked wonders for our cat. Calms him down for things like car trips and firework noises. So glad we purchased this!"


"It sounds like we have WWIII outside every year at the 4th of July (well, from June 20 to July 10, more like) because of fireworks. So, our animals were terrified for weeks. This year, got our older cat this shirt - she LOVED it - she let me put it right on and even though it made her walk funny, she seemed calm and collected. She did not hide in the closet for the first time in years!!!"


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