Welcome to a world where calm meets tail-wagging delight! At ThunderWorks,, we understand the importance of keeping our furry friends calm and content. That's why we're thrilled to highlight the dynamic duo of canine comfort: the ThunderShirt® for Dogs and ThunderEase® Calming Spray. Uniting these two stress-busting solutions creates a symphony of calm for your beloved dog.

ThunderShirt®: Like Swaddling an Infant

dog wearing blue thundershirt on a walk

Picture this: a snug, cozy garment that wraps your dog in a gentle embrace, providing a sense of security. That's the magic of the ThunderShirt®. Crafted with precision and care, our innovative design applies constant, gentle pressure to your pup's torso, offering a natural and drug-free solution for anxiety.

Whether it's thunderstorms, fireworks, or separation anxiety, the ThunderShirt® is already used by millions of dogs. It's like swaddling a baby – but for your four-legged best friend!

ThunderEase® Calming Spray: Like Mom

thunderease for dogs calming spray

Enter the ThunderEase® Calming Spray, the pheromone companion to the ThunderShirt®. This spray mimics the calming pheromone a mother dog releases while nursing her puppies, which may help your dog feel calmer, more secure, and more comfortable!  

ThunderEase® uses the #1 Vet recommended Adaptil formula, which helps dogs adjust to challenging situations and curb unwanted stress related behaviors.

Simply spritz a bit of ThunderEase® on your dog's bedding, crate, or favorite hangout spot to create an environment that promotes relaxation. It's the perfect prelude to your ThunderShirt® experience, enhancing the calming effect and ensuring your dog feels safe and secure.

Combining the Calm

using thunderease for dogs spray and thundershirt

Now, imagine combining the ThunderShirt® with a spritz of ThunderEase® – it's like a spa day for your furry friend! The ThunderShirt® provides a comforting physical embrace, while the ThunderEase® Calming Spray adds a touch of pheromones to elevate the relaxation experience.

It's a one-two punch against stress and anxiety, working together seamlessly to help your dog face the world with confidence and composure. Whether you're dealing with a nervous Nelly or a fretful Fido, this power couple is here to restore peace and balance to your pup's life.

Combine the Powers of Calm!

At ThunderWorks, we believe in creating solutions that enhance the well-being of our beloved pets. The ThunderShirt® and ThunderEase® Calming Spray combo is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, effective, and compassionate products for your furry family members.

Experience the harmony, embrace the calm, and let ThunderShirt® and ThunderEase® transform your dog's world into a haven of tranquility. Because when our pets are happy, we're happy too!

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