February 22 might just seem like another day to you, but your dog may have had this day starred all month. It’s National Walk Your Dog Day

What can be better than spending time with your best friend (your owner), exploring the outside world, exercising your body and mind? Our office pups say not much can beat that!

Whether you are taking a loop around the neighborhood or trying a new trail, we have some tips to help make your walks more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Start The Walk off A Bit Easier

thundersnap and thunderleash

Does your dog get a little too excited when they see their leash come out? If you have trouble getting your pup set up for their walk, get a quick and easy start with ThunderSnap! ThunderSnap uses powerful magnets and a steel ball-bearing latch mechanism to quickly and securely connect to any standard D-ring dog collar. This can help you get your pup ready and make it easier to calm them down before the walk begins.

Let Your Dog Sniff

Sniffing is mental stimulation for your dog, and can be just as tiring as the walk itself. It can help lower their stress and help them feel more comfortable in their environment. While it can be frustrating when YOU are trying to move quicker, sniffing helps improve the quality of your dog’s walk.

Have Water Available

Just like people, dogs need water after play and exercise to help them stay cool and hydrated. Make sure you have clean water available after your walk (and during if you're departing on a long or hot adventure). It may take your pup a while to drink because they are cooling themselves off, but make sure they always have access to their water.

Does Your Dog Pull? 

thunderleash pink

The ThunderLeash is a great no-pull solution for dogs who get a bit too excited on their walks. The easy-to-use leash converts from a standard leash into a “no-pull,” non-complicated harness. The “no-pull” configuration provides a safe, gentle pressure on the dog’s torso, providing consistent feedback to stop pulling on your walks.   

If your dog gets nervous or anxious on their walks, you can also try the ThunderEase Calming Collar to help keep them feeling calmer all day long,  or try at ThunderShirt.

Happy walking!


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