How to Help Your Cat to Stop Hiding

If you've been asking yourself, "Why is my cat hiding?", or "how to stop my cat from hiding?", you are not alone! This is a common frustration and concern for cat owners. We hope to help you understand why your cat might be hiding, along with giving you a few tips, and a product recommendation to help stop your cat from hiding!


Give It Some Time - Change Can Be Hard!

  • Cats are creatures of habit, so if there has been a change in the home, your cat needs some time to adjust
  • Never force them to come out - give your cat the freedom and time they need to explore their surroundings
  • Change could be a new pet, new objects in the home that make a lot of noise (like a new fridge), or new people in the home

Think About Removing Triggers & Make Sure Your Cat Doesn't Feel Trapped

  • If you can figure out what is making your cat hide, see if you can eliminate it
  • Is there a new smell that could be upsetting your cat, or are there a lot of people in your home that are being loud??
  • Your cat wants to always know where the nearest escape route is - make sure you leave doors open, and do not block the exit to a room
  • Try to make sure you have an open, and safe area for them to explore

Reinforce Positive Behaviors

  • If your cat comes out of hiding, encourage them, and reward them
  • You could play with them, or give them a treat (whichever your cat would like more)
  • Try to have treats on hand, so you can reward them whenever they are out in the open
  • You can try leaving treats outside of their favorite hiding spot to encourage them to come out - make sure to let them come to you, and move at their pace!

Make Sure Your Cat Has Access to Resources

  • Make sure your cat has easy access to everything they need (food, water, litterbox)
  • Not having access to what they need can cause stress, which makes them want to hide even more

Try ThunderEase® - Powered by Feliway (Calming Pheromones)

  • ThunderEase® for Cats is a drug free, calming pheromone diffuser that mimics the natural feline facial pheromone. Cats use this to mark their environment as safe by rubbing their cheeks on objects. The pheromones helps the cats feel calm and confident in the environment and helps reduce signs of stress
  • Place your ThunderEase® diffuser in the room(s) where cat hides most often
  • By releasing these "comforting messages", your cat will feel more at home, and comfortable being out and about
  • Try ThunderEase® risk free - we know that no product is 100% effective, so you can take advantage of our moneyback guarantee

Success Stories

"I love this product!! I have it in a spray too! May cat gets very skittish and I feel it really does help his comfort level. I used this when we got a new dog. My kitty hid under the bed for 2 days. I plugged this in and he was in the living room with us in about 30 minutes! It also help with us cardboard chewing!"


"I rescued a shy, three-year-old tom cat, and needed him to adapt to a six-year-old dominant female. He hid most of the time until I purchased the ThunderEase - Powered by Feliway. Immediately, the tom cat relaxed, and the two cats became fast friends. ThunderEase solves hierarchical discussions."


"This product works!! I first picked my cat up from the local shelter and she hid under my bed for the first few days, only coming out to drink (never eating) when we were out. We bought this diffuser and the next night she started coming out while we were asleep, and made general progress from there after!!"


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