Happy March! It may be the month of all things green and good luck, but you don’t have to rely on luck to find the perfect combination of calming solutions to work for your dog!  We are here to help!

While many dogs in our ThunderWorks community see great results after using just one of our calming solutions, there are still some dogs that need an additional boost of calm to help them get to a stress-free state! If you’ve found that trying just one of our solutions hasn’t gotten your dog exactly to the level of calm they are seeking, keep reading as we are going to share our expertise and let you in on some of the lucky combinations we have learned for finding the perfect level of calm for your pup! 

While all of our products are effective individually for most dogs, we’ve been hearing from customers that the products are even more effective when used together.  We like to use the phrase, “Combining the Powers of Calm”, but essentially all that means is that while all the products work individually, they work even more effectively when used in conjunction with one another.

combining the powers of calm thundershirt

Think of this in the sense of going out during those Springtime showers. While wearing your rain boots, rain jacket, or carrying an umbrella alone can help you from getting too wet, when you combine all three you manage to stay essentially dry! Now how does this work for your pet? 

Let’s say one of your pup’s biggest fears is being at home alone. While the ThunderShirt works great for separation anxiety, sometimes as the final hours roll around your dog begins to feel anxious, that’s where adding in more layers of calm can be beneficial. 

Before we get started, if you haven’t already, check out our product quiz which can help you determine what base solution will work best for the type of anxiety that your dog is experiencing.

Lucky Combination #1: ThunderShirt + ThunderWunders Calming Chews

thundershirt and thunderwunders combining the power of calm

You can’t always predict a storm thirty minutes prior so this lucky combination is for when you have a little more time to prepare (ThunderWunders should be given thirty minutes prior to a stressful situation so your dog can get the full calming affect). This one is definitely a favorite amongst our own dogs because not only do they get to experience the power of the ThunderShirt but they also get a little piece of calm in one tasty bit thanks to our ThunderWunders Calming Chews.  Our own dogs “don’t” lick their lips when we pull ThunderWunders Calming Chews out!  

ThunderWunders come in two forms, one offering with Hemp Seed Oil and the other without. Both are still just as tasty for your pups and pack in the power of an additional calming boost when needed. 

ThunderWunders are perfect for when you know a stressful situation is coming and can give them to your dog 30 minutes prior.  When paired with the calming effects of the ThunderShirt, they can help your dogs to be extra zen.  

This lucky combination is perfect for visitors, fireworks, travel, and so much more. As long as you are able to prepare in advance for the stressful situation, ThunderWunders when combined with the ThunderShirt is a perfect solution.  

Pro-Tip: If you notice your dog is having trouble getting used to the ThunderShirt, try giving them their ThunderWunders prior to putting on the ThunderShirt so they are already experiencing some level of stress relief prior.

Lucky Combination #2: ThunderShirt + ThunderEase for Dogs Calming Spray

thundershirt and thunderease calming combination anti anxiety dog

Did you know that all of our ThunderShirts come with a built-in ThunderPatch? That’s right, we designed the ThunderShirt with combining the power of calm in mind in case your pup needed an additional boost. That’s why this combination is a fan, and office, favorite. ThunderEase mimics the calming pheromone that a mother dog releases while nursing her puppies to help your dog feel calmer, more secure, and more comfortable!  ThunderEase comes in three different forms and with this combination we recommend the spray! All you need to do is spray a little (2-3 pumps) ThunderEase for Dog Calming Spray directly on the ThunderPatch and wait 15 minutes before putting the ThunderShirt on your pup! 

Pro-Tip: If this is your first time trying the ThunderShirt, it may be helpful to try introducing your dog to the ThunderShirt before a stressful event occurs. Check out our tips for introducing your pet to ThunderShirt here

As many of our calming solutions can be used in many situations this lucky combination is perfect for travel, separation anxiety, walks around the block, fireworks, and of course, ThunderStorms!

 Lucky Combination #3: The Ultimate Calm

the best solutions for pet anxiety

This final combination is what we like to call “The Ultimate Calm.” This is for those pups that need all the help they can get when trying to make it through a stressful situation. For more severe cases of stress, we recommend the trifecta of ThunderShirt, ThunderWunders, and ThunderEase for Dogs Calming Diffuser. These three when used together can provide the ultimate calming effect for your dog and help them live life stress-free. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

We believe in the power of calm so much that we asked members of the ThunderWorks Community about combining the power of calm and here is what they had to say!

Since using both the chews and diffuser, both our dogs have much less stress from Thunderstorms, especially our lab! She used to shake horribly and cower in the dark after the first loud clap of thunder. Now, you know she’s stressed but it’s so much better. We love Thunderwunders!” - Lorrie M.

Excellent! Our Shih Tzu is only five pounds and the extra, extra small ThunderShirt fits like a glove. When wearing his ThunderShirt, he immediately relaxes, rolls on his back and is able to rest. Before he was a nervous wreck! We also purchased the spray, ThunderEase and that too had a positive effect. We are very pleased with our purchase. It was a huge improvement! We plan on using both products on our first flight.” - Michael E.

My dog is extremely afraid of thunderstorms. We have a Thunder Shirt and that works well too, but sometimes if I have to be gone during the day it’s not ideal to have him in the shirt all day. We also use the ThunderWunders calming chews which work if you can get it in him about 1-hour before the storms hit. So I decided to give ThunderEase a try. This works almost instantly on calming him! No more shaking and severe panting. If the storm isn’t too bad (like the thunder isn’t shaking the house), he can even go to sleep. This is also the best solution for when I’m at work and the storms come in later in the day. I just use ThunderEase when they’re calling for bad weather, and he’s pretty set for the day to not become overly anxious.” - Sarah M. 

What’s Your Go to Combo?

We would love to hear about which lucky combination works best for your dog or if you have tried additional combinations with our calming solutions. Share your stories with us on Instagram or Facebook by using #MyLuckyCalmingCombo.

Our goal is always to help your pet find the best calming solution for them.  Plain and simple.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We would love to help! You can reach us at 866-892-2078 or service@thundershirt.com.


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