Does your dog bark and whine or destroy the house when you leave? Do they shake like a leaf on car rides or drool like a faucet during vet visits? Your dog might be suffering from anxiety! We can help your dog feel calmer in stressful situations with ThunderEase Calming Pheromones.

(Want to learn more about how to tell if your dog is anxious? Check out this blog post.)

What are ThunderEase Pheromones for Dogs?

Pheromones occur naturally in all animals and it’s one way that they communicate with each other and their environment. Nursing mother dogs naturally emit pheromones to communicate to their newborns that they can feel safe and comfortable in their environment. ThunderEase mimics these natural pheromones to help dogs feel safe and comfortable. 


When dogs become stressed or anxious, they may exhibit behaviors like destructive chewing, house soiling, problem barking, shaking, or drooling. 

ThunderEase can help reduce these unwanted behaviors by helping your dog feel safe and comfortable during otherwise stressful situations. ThunderEase is vet recommended and is tested to be over 90% effective for reducing anxiety and unwanted behavior in dogs. 

When Should I Use ThunderEase?

Separation Travel Vet Visits New Pets & People General Fearfulness Loud Noises

ThunderEase works great for: 

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Travel Anxiety
  • Vet Visits
  • New Pets or People
  • General Fearfulness
  • Fear of Loud Noises

ThunderEase comes in several formats - diffuser, spray, collar, and collar clip. 

We recommend the diffuser for addressing persistent anxieties that commonly occur in the home: separation anxiety, new pets or people, and general fearfulness.
We recommend the spray for using at home or on-the-go: travel anxiety or spot anxiety treatments like fear of loud noises and vet visits. The ThunderShirt even comes with a special patch that's the perfect place to spray ThunderEase Calming Spray!
We recommend the collar or collar clip for continuous calm, whether at home or on-the-go: separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, general fearfulness, or meeting new pets or people on walks.

What Do Others Say About ThunderEase?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "ThunderEase has made a world of difference! Our rescue would bark and scratch at the door from separation anxiety. Two weeks into using ThunderEase, he is calm and quiet!" – Sandi

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The difference is like night and day! My girl would climb on my head at night before when there was a storm. Now she's calm and isn’t affected at all! Great product!” - Kelly L.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Amazing product! This has helped my dogs who suffer with separation anxiety. Our Vet recommended it as an alternative to drug therapy. We are so happy that we discovered this product, it really has helped our pets! We will continue to buy refills.” – HKL


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