Does your cat pee outside the litter box? Do you have two or more cats that just can't get along? If your cats are constantly fighting or you're struggling with a cat who sprays or scratches up all of your belongings, it could be due to stress and anxiety. ThunderEase for Cats and ThunderEase Multi-Cat Pheromones are calming pheromones that help reduce stress and anxiety, thereby reducing unwanted behaviors like scratching, spraying, and fighting.

What are ThunderEase Pheromones for Cats?

Pheromones occur naturally in all animals and it’s one way that they communicate with each other and their environment. Cats communicate using two main types of pheromones: Nursing mother cats naturally emit pheromones to let their newborns feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. Cats also emit facial pheromones to mark their space as safe. ThunderEase for Cats and ThunderEase Multi-Cat both mimic these natural pheromones to help cats feel safe and comfortable. 

ThunderEase for Cats

You might have seen your cat rubbing her face on furniture, toys, even people. What she’s doing is emitting feline facial pheromones and marking her surroundings as safe.

Cats may also make their mark on your home by scratching your belongings or urinating outside the litter box. ThunderEase for Cats mimics this feline facial pheromone to help cats feel safe and comfortable in their environment, and helps reduce scratching, spraying, and hiding.  

ThunderEase Multi-Cat

ThunderEase for Multi-Cat households mimics the pheromones nursing mothers naturally emit to let their newborns feel safe and comfortable in their environment. These pheromones help cats bond to each other and their mothers. For multi-cat households, it helps stop conflict, tension, and fighting.  If you are adding another cat to the household, ThunderEase for Multi-Cat can help the cats to adjust and bond.  


Which ThunderEase for Cats Should I Choose?

Use ThunderEase for Cats if you want your cat to stop scratching, spraying, urine marking, or your cat has fear and anxiety issues with traveling, vet visits, or loud noises. If you've just got a little scaredy cat, ThunderEase for Cats also works great for general fearfulness and hiding.

Use ThunderEase Multi-Cat if you have conflict and tension between cats, or to reduce stress and conflict when introducing new pets or people to your home.


What Do Others Say About ThunderEase?

ThunderEase is vet recommended and is tested to be over 90% effective for reducing anxiety symptoms, and unwanted behaviors, like scratching and spraying, in cats.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This has been a great product since the day we plugged it in! Our adult cat is no longer fearful when the doorbell rings or when strangers are around.” – Brenda M.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I wasn’t sure how well this product would work to help introduce my senior cat to a newly adopted kitty. The difference in my senior cat was amazing. They both started treating each other like litter mates almost right away." – Cameron W.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Your Thunderease Multi-Cat Pheromone Diffuser is a miracle! I have 6 cats, and one was a bully. She was always chasing and scaring the other two females. Another one was crying and howling all the time. And another one was constantly marking her territory with urine and peeing and pooping everywhere but the litter box. I was constantly cleaning as well as trying to stop cat fights. And then I found this. Please, God, let it work! And it does! There is peace in my home once again. No more battles and no more marking and no more crying and howling. Calmest kitties I have ever seen."– Deb M.


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