How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling

A dog pulling on the leash is one of the most common complaints for dog owners. We have a few tips for you, and a great product recommendation to turn your walks from a struggle to a stroll with your pup! It is important to understand when your dog pulls, they likely aren’t trying to be the “pack leader” or dominant over you. They simply naturally walk much quicker than us, and are excited to explore and experience the world.


Emphasize positive behavior

  • Make sure you reward your dog when they are in the desired position (aka next to or close to you) with some sort of treat
  • Especially in the beginning, make it a special treat (like a small piece of boiled chicken) - as your dog learns that walking next to you is a pleasant, rewarding experience, they’ll spend less time pulling, and more time walking nicely next to you
  • Make rewards frequent - that will help them understand what the positive behavior you are looking for is
  • Give verbal, positive feedback for good walking behavior

When your dog pulls, immediately stop

  • Stand completely still until the leash relaxes
  • Once the leash relaxes, continue to walk again, and repeat this process as necessary
  • It may take you a while on your walks for a while, however this will teach your dog that pulling will not get them what they want

Try a ThunderLeash® - No Pull Solution

  • The ThunderLeash® converts from a standard leash to a no-pull leash in seconds
  • By applying gentle, consistent feedback to your dog’s torso, it encourages them to stop pulling
  • The ThunderLeash® is recommended by both trainers and vets to help stop your dog from pulling
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Success Stories

"I cannot recommend it highly enough for problem pullers - he immediately strops pulling when he feels the pressure start. Thank you for a superb product."


"A technician at my dog's veterinarian suggested that I try this leash for my 8 month old, 75 lb German Shepherd puppy. This has to be the BEST purchase I have ever made, canine related! I have SO much MORE control and walks are now pleasant for both of us. I just purchased another on in blue for my male Goldendoodle puppy."


"With the ThunderLeash, I am so thrilled to finally not worry about being dragged around on the ice during the winter months and/or lunging every time she sees a deer. Highly recommend!"


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