How to Put on a ThunderShirt® for Dogs

To see how to put on a ThunderShirt®, watch the videos below.    

Please note that our Classic and Sport styles are different than our Polo Style ThunderShirt®, so make sure you watch the correct video.  

While you are here, check out these tips for how to introduce the ThunderShirt® to your dog!  

How to Put on a ThunderShirt® (Classic or Sport)


How to Put on a ThunderShirt® (Polo)

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We sincerely hope that the ThunderShirt® helped your dog to feel calmer.  If the ThunderShirt® alone didn't do the trick, fear not.  There is still hope!  Check out this blog about "combining the powers of calm" to learn about other products that may help your dog, and how each solution works even better when used together!