Have you been hearing a lot of hype about something called pheromones and how they can help control your pet's anxiety? You may even have heard about this seemingly miraculous product from your vet. But is the hype true? What exactly are pheromones anyway?

What exactly are pheromones? 

Pheromones are natural chemicals, similar to hormones, that are produced by all living beings. Pheromones are released automatically by animals to communicate all sorts of invisible messages to other creatures of the same species. These messages can be warnings, territory markings, bonding, or other types of messages.

What exactly is ThunderEase?

ThunderEase is vegan-friendly and mimics the pheromones that dogs and cats naturally emit to help them feel safer and more calm in their environment. ThunderEase is odorless and only detected by animals – appropriate for any age. It’s recommended by veterinarians for most animal anxiety behaviors and clinically proven.

How do pheromones like ThunderEase work?

ThunderEase for dogs and multi-cat households mimics the pheromones nursing mothers naturally emit to let their newborns feel safe and comfortable in their environment. These pheromones help dogs and cats bond to each other and their mothers. For dogs, this puts an end to behaviors like destructive chewing, house soiling, and problem barking. For multi-cat households, it helps stop conflict, tension, and fighting.

ThunderEase for single cat use mimics the facial pheromones cats use to mark their territory. These pheromones help cats get to know their environment better as well as what is secure in their surroundings. This creates confidence in felines and ultimately helps them feel more stable in their home and puts an end to behaviors like scratching and spraying.

How is ThunderEase different from other pet pheromone products?

The analogs of pheromones contained in ThunderEase are the most scientifically tested and proven in the world. They are proven to be over 90% effective in reducing anxiety and fear symptoms for most pets. Some other products claim to be using pheromone technology, but are actually using simple herbal or essential oil ingredients. Still other products are based on pig pheromones that have no scientific evidence of effectiveness; pheromones are species specific, meaning a dog or cat would not notice a pig pheromone.

When should I use ThunderEase?

Anytime your dog or cat is showing signs of anxiety! ThunderEase is available in a variety of types for home and travel for your dog, cat, or multi-cat household. And combine ThunderEase’s calming pheromones and ThunderShirt's calming pressure for even better results. They’re the perfect calming companions for your perfect companion!

Are pheromones safe for my family and pets?

Yes! Pheromones are species specific - meaning only a dog or a cat will recognize pheromones meant for their own species. ThunderEase is odorless and undetectable by humans. While the pheromones in ThunderEase for Dogs and ThunderEase for Cats is completely different, there is no issue with using both in a multi-pet household. Because the pheromones are different, you will need to purchase more than one diffuser or spray for dogs and cats, but feel free to set up both for calming for all your furry friends.


Now that you're well informed, check out ThunderEase for yourself!


ThunderEase for Cats

ThunderEase - Multi-Cat


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