Did you know the ThunderShirt  can be a lifesaver in more occasions than just fireworks and thunderstorms? Most people know the ThunderShirt as a great solution if your dog is scared of fireworks or thunderstorms, however today we want to talk about another phenomenal use case for the ThunderShirt, both for dogs and cats.

Ease Vet Related Anxieties with ThunderShirt

boston terrier arriving at the vet

Just like many people dread going to the doctor, the vet can be a major source of anxiety for our pets.  For some, the anxiety can start with the car ride, and continue even after the vet visit is long over.  Many owners have reported that they’ve stopped taking their pets to the vet unless it is a real emergency because of the stress it causes to their beloved fur-baby.  We’ve seen tremendous success with a ThunderShirt helping to reduce anxiety caused by a vet visit, both for cats and dogs.

“I bought my aging cat, Luci, her own ThunderShirt because vet visits had become no longer viable. She would panic, literally soil herself and even lose fur for up to a week after a vet visit. It had gotten so bad my husband and I agreed that we just wouldn’t even take her in anymore unless it was an EXTREME emergency, and as a responsible pet owner you can only imagine what a difficult decision that was. Then I found the website for ThunderShirt. Voila!  She behaved so well at the vet, and was even calm and happy the minute we got home... it was like she was a completely different cat! The benefit was tremendous – we have a solution!!” - Heather Lee H.

The ThunderShirt works by applying gentle, constant pressure around your cat or dog’s torso.  Similar to swaddling an infant, or like a comforting hug, the ThunderShirt helps your pet to feel safe and calm during situations that would normally cause them anxiety. 

Vets love it when dogs and cats come to their vet visits with a ThunderShirt.  They’ve reported that the animals seem much more at ease, and they are able to provide better care more easily to a calm pet! 

“I was skeptical about the effect swaddling might have on cats.  But after we returned from our first use of a ThunderShirt during a vet visit, I am significantly impressed with the ThunderShirt !  Griffin was significantly less vocal during the entire trip, much easier to handle during the exam, appeared to have a much lower heart rate than usual for a vet visit (150 BPM versus 210 BPM), and was calm enough for the vet to hear his level 2-3 heart murmur, something she hasn’t heard since Griffin was a kitten.” Janet V

Simply put the ThunderShirt on your pet at home before heading out to the vet, and venture on to your appointment.  If traveling / a car ride brings any anxiety to your pet, your ThunderShirt can help ease anxiety on the way to the vet as well!  While no product works for 100% of animals, we’ve seen a very high success rate in a ThunderShirt helping to reduce anxiety in animals, both in the waiting room, and during the vet appointment itself.   

“I was skeptical, but it actually does work! My poor pit mix used to get so anxious at the vet he would whine and try to climb into my lap in the waiting room. With his ThunderShirt on, he lays quietly and even ventures to the end of the leash to look around at times. The ThunderShirt definitely makes his vet visits more bearable for both of us.” – Rachel S.

"This has been a lifesaver for our Rescue Shy Cody! We have had him nearly a year and it helps with Storm anxiety, me clipping his nails, vet visits…..ThunderShirt is amazing." – Michelle J.


Join Our ThunderShirt Family

dog wearing thundershirt at the vet

If you already have a ThunderShirt, give it a try at your next vet visit!  If you don’t, we’d love for you to join our ThunderShirt family.

Let us know how it goes and share your photos with us on Instagram! If you have any questions, you can call us Monday-Friday 9am-4pm at (866) 892-2078 or email service@thundershirt.com


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