Our mission is simple:
Deliver as much calm as we can.

Over 70+ million dogs in the United States suffer from anxieties like thunder, fireworks, separation, and travel. Yet, only a small percentage of pet families are aware that there are simple solutions to help their pets feel calmer.

The ThunderBus® "Here Comes the Calm" tour
 is traveling to local communities across the country to educate pet owners on how to identify signs of anxiety and the steps they can take to help their pets feel better. 

Along the way, the ThunderBus® is stopping at hundreds of rescue shelters and humane societies to donate calming solutions that can help dogs feel less anxious while they are waiting for their forever homes.

If you know a pet family or shelter who would benefit from a ThunderBus® visit, nominate them below!

Want to Nominate a Dog or Shelter?

The ThunderBus is on a mission to help dogs everywhere. We're visiting shelters to drop off calming supplies and educate newly adopting pet parents about pet anxiety. We're also visiting anxious dogs around the country to provide one-on-one expert advice on how to handle their pet's anxiety.

Nominate a dog or shelter for a visit from the ThunderBus with the button below.

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