The ThunderShirt for Dogs is the original, natural calming solution. Frequently called a thunder jacket for dogs, thunder coat, or a thunder vest, the ThunderShirt has already helped millions of dogs.  It is the vet recommended solution for reducing situational anxiety, completely drug-free, and has over an 80% success rate in helping to calm dogs in stressful situations. 

If your dog is scared of thunder, fireworks, or other loud noises, we’ve got the solution for you.  Similar to swaddling an infant, the ThunderShirt’s patented design applies constant, gentle pressure, helping to make your dog feel safe and calm.  Owners have seen their dogs go from pacing and panting to peacefully snoozing through a storm or fireworks show, and yours could be next!  Plus, there is no training required!

The use cases for our dog anxiety vest do not end with thunderstorms and fireworks.  The ThunderShirt is also great for separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking, reactivity, and over excitement as well. 

The ThunderShirt is recommended by thousands of vets, trainers, and pet owners alike, and we’ve seen success with dogs of all sizes and breeds.  Available in a variety of styles and colors, you can treat your dog’s anxiety and over excitement in style!

Calm is one shirt away - we can’t wait for you to join the ThunderShirt family!