When puppies are born, their mother naturally emits pheromones that give puppies a sense of security and comfort.  These pheromones help dogs bond to each other and their mom, and to feel safe and calm. 

ThunderEase for Dogs, powered by Adaptil, replicates these natural maternal pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended calming solution that puts an end to destructive chewing, problem barking, and other “not-so-fun” anxiety symptoms. 

Your dog undoubtedly loves you, and typically they don’t want to misbehave, however if they are feeling anxious, they can cope with it in ways we don’t love, like barking, whining, chewing, etc.  ThunderEase helps to send “calming, reassuring messages” through dog appeasing pheromones that helps dogs feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations, and therefore help to eliminate the unwanted behaviors.

ThunderEase is also great for calming in other stressful situations, like loud noises, staying at home alone, or going to the vet. 

We have ThunderEase for Dogs available in several formats.  If your dog is having consistent anxiety, we recommend trying a calming diffuser, or the calming collar.  If your dog’s anxiety is more situational, and you only need the extra calm in certain situations (like riding in the car, or going to the vet) we’d recommend utilizing the spray.

If you are looking to combine the powers of calm, ThunderEase pairs perfectly with our ThunderShirt.