Helping Animals in Need

Anxiety is a serious problem for millions of dogs. In fact, far too many dogs are turned in or abandoned BECAUSE they suffer from anxiety...their anxiety symptoms can be very destructive or hard to manage for many dog owners if they don’t have the resources or knowledge to help their suffering pets. That is why ThunderShirt Company is working with so many of the thousands of terrific rescue groups, shelters and charities across the country to help find ways to help dogs manage their anxieties and ultimately find forever homes.

If you work with a rescue group, shelter, or some other adoption organization and believe that there is a way that we can help your cause, please CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A REQUEST.

Below are some ways that we have been giving back...

Donation Programs

In partnership with and the Foundation, we are continuing our efforts to put ThunderShirts in the hands of shelters and rescue groups across the country! With the Foundation, we are proud to have donated over 20,000 free ThunderShirts to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country since 2011! See the recent press release to learn more - Click for Press Release.

We also are offering the opportunity for the general public to donate a ThunderShirt to their local shelter or rescue group. Just go to to make a donation to a participating organization. Or if you don’t see your shelter or rescue group in the drop down list, tell them to contact us at to register for the program!

"I am convinced we need to get ThunderShirts into shelters and use them to reduce stress and save lives by making anxious pets more adoptable and helping ease their transition to their new homes." ~ Betsy Saul, Founder,

“Many of our members are using ThunderShirts with their Cockers and love them. And working with ThunderShirt has been a pleasure. They helped us to quickly raise much needed funds for our rescues.” - Jane Morgan with Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England.

A ThunderShirt helps a terrified dog trust humans

gives back

During our partnership with the Foundation this past year we were able to help thousands of dogs in need by our donation of 5,000 ThunderShirts. Thundershirts’ constant, gentle pressure has a dramatic calming effect on most dogs when they are anxious, fearful or overexcited. ThunderShirts have already helped hundreds of shelter dogs find forever homes. Read Lisa’s ( Foundation Program Manager) story of how a ThunderShirt helped one of the shelter's dogs, Flo.

"Flo was found abandoned in an empty house and has been with Hertford County for about six months. During her first few months at the shelter, staff could barely tell that she had legs -- she always laid with her legs curled under her body, hidden from sight.

She was fearful of people and would cower and hide when the shelter staff went near her to show her affection. Then the ThunderShirt grant arrived.

A shirt was placed on Flo right away and, slowly, she warmed up to other dogs at the shelter. Flo began to play in the puppy room and venture outside for some fresh air. But she was still fearful of human interaction.

The dedicated staff and volunteers at Hertford worked patiently with Flo to gain her trust. They kept the ThunderShirt on during training sessions and when Flo was in her kennel, hoping it would help her gain some trust. And indeed, her trust in humans grew stronger. She started allowing the shelter staff to come closer.

Cheryl Snyder, director of the Hertford County Animal Shelter, sent the photo above and wrote, "This picture is worth a thousand words! Not only is Flo letting one of our volunteers pet her, but you can see the excitement in the face of another volunteer, Stephanie. Flo was actually letting someone touch her and show her some love."

Flo is currently living in a foster home to help her become more comfortable with human interaction. Once she is available for adoption, she will be added to Hertford County Animal Shelter’s adoptable pet list on Petfinder. And thanks to her ThunderShirt, Flo is well on her way to more-trusting behavior and finding a forever home.

The Foundation is thrilled to have helped give Flo a new lease on life! We hope that all 5,000 granted ThunderShirts bring a happy story like Flo’s."