Using Pressure to Treat Your Dog’s Fear of Thunder

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Thunder and Other Noises?

According to our research, dog thunderstorm anxiety or fear of noises can arise from a variety or combination of factors. Some dogs have suffered a traumatic event involving loud noises or lightning strikes that creates a historic "trigger" for them to become anxious. Some dog breeds may have a genetic predisposition towards noise anxiety while some studies suggest that storm or noise anxiety could be a result of aging or hearing loss. No matter the specific cause, the need to relieve your dog’s fears becomes clear when your dog hides, shakes, or worse every time a storm rumbles.

Symptoms of Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety

The symptoms of noise anxiety range from mild to severe. Milder cases can include shaking, panting, hiding, barking, yawning, licking and clinging during the noise. More severe cases can include bolting, running, anxious pacing, chewing, defecating indoors, jumping through a plate glass window or even seizures. Recognizing and treating noise anxiety can be critical for the health and well-being of your dog. Based on our survey of over 2,000 dog owners in the United States, over 17% of all dogs suffer from fear of thunder or some other noise.

dog scared of thunderstorm noise

Stories From Dogs With Storm Anxiety

“We have an 80 lb. Boxer with degenerative disc disease. This boy is totally bizarre in a thunderstorm. Panting, attempting to get in the bathtub, very stressed! Plus, we live at the beach – a lot of summer storms. What a different dog when we put on his ThunderShirt! We have had it 3 weeks and this is a happy fellow. We were on the screen porch last night in a storm and he slept through it. I woke him when I was ready to go in. I am ordering a second! We cannot recommend it enough to friends and family!”

Owner: Catherine H. Myrtle Beach, SC
From: Dog Owner
Issue(s): Noise Anxiety

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Help For Your Dog’s Fear of Thunderstorms – The ThunderShirt

If your dog is frightened of thunder or other noises, you should try a ThunderShirt. Fortunately for us, thousands of vets agree – our ThunderShirt is the easiest, safest solution for noise anxiety. ThunderShirt calms your dog with a gentle, calming pressure that likely releases a calming hormone like endorphins. It’s like a “hug” for your dog and allows most dogs to help them ride out storms calmly and contently. Hundreds of thousands of dog owners have experienced the dramatic relief for their dogs and themselves! To understand more about how ThunderShirt helps calm, read Why It Works.

The Easy, Natural Solution – No Medications and No Training Needed

Unlike with medications, your dog will not be sedated, risk unwanted side effects, and you won’t be making frequent vet visits for expensive prescription refills. You simply place the ThunderShirt on your dog before a storm or other noise event. He or she will likely remain calm until the last rumbles have finished. And ThunderShirts are not just for Thunder! We’re helping dogs and their families improve their quality of life for many different anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues. Whether you have a rescue dog, a shelter dog, or a new puppy, ThunderShirt can really work to improve your dog’s life and yours. Read more about how ThunderShirt works or order yours now with free shipping.